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How to choose your Goldilocks All Time favorites?

How to choose your Goldilocks All Time favorites?

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During Pandemic, all of us are confined within the corners of our home, the digital and food industry gains popularity and even, simple home cooked food are found in marketplace & online stores.

Even, big occasion and events are not allowed and we celebrate within our family members only, without friends and relatives joining our festivity.

Yet, different online food platforms emerges. And, ordering a menu and deserts, is easy like counting numbers.

Photo Credit: Goldilocks FB page

Before, we are restricted in going to stores to buy our favorite food. Today, we can enjoy, our All Time Goldilocks favorites, its within reach and you don’t need to go, on their physical store, to order your customized cakes for your loved ones. Now, it’s more convenient and less time consuming.

Indeed, every Pinoy loves Goldilocks, every memorable celebrations, their cakes and food menus are always on our table. Birthdays, Mother’s Day and Anniversaries will never be the same without our favorite Goldilocks Greeting Cakes. And, our parents will never go home without a bitbit ensaymada or a fluffy mamon for us to enjoy during merienda and our bonding movie marathon.

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So, in what ways, we can choose our Goldilocks All Time favorites?

First, Know your celebration or event.
Most families are gathered with various special occasions, know the specific date & time. If it’s for an event or simple get together with family & friends, lunch time, merienda or dinner. Time is important, so, good food will be served delightly.

2nd, Ask to whom, you’ll be given a particular Goldilocks products, is it for a child or to an adult.

3rd, Know the selection of Goldilocks updated Menu and Prices. So, you can make necessary adjustment on how many orders per servings, you’ll be having, budget wise. Select menus that is affordable and fit to your expenses.

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Photo Credit: Goldilocks FB page

4th, Choose your favorites or the person favorite Goldilocks delicacies & cake flavor.
If shes, someone special, you’ll instantly know, what food you’ll be ordering.

Lastly, create a plan to make this day special by choosing the right menu that is perfect for your taste buds, craving for cakes, buy your favorite black forest. And, eversince, I love the palabok and the slice choco cake for pasalubong and the egg pie. It’s one of the best to satisfy my cravings for Goldilocks products. And, whenever, we have celebration at home, Goldilocks is our favorite greeting cakes for my loved ones, aside, its affordable, the cake is perfect for all occasions.

Remember, food is a precious part of our balanced diet to performed our duties, added sugar, carbohydrates and even protein in our body system is very essential. So, let’s start a meaningful journey with our favorite Goldilocks, every bite is precious when, shared with our loved one’s and friends.

Take note, nothing brings people together like good food.

We Filipinos, loves to eat and we deserved a healthy cook food for our soul and body.

Looking for a variety of Goldilocks menus from cakes, pastries and pinoy food delicacies. can solve your appetite.

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