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Jr. Robotics Workshop by Enrichme Tutorial Center-Manila, exploring young minds with robotics.

Jr. Robotics Workshop by Enrichme Tutorial Center-Manila, exploring young minds with robotics.

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I’ve attended Jr. Robotic Workshop held at Enrichme Tutorial Center in Eastwood City. It’s my first time, to listen and learn about the basic concept of robotics. It is an interesting topic, quite complicated for adults because, there is programming and encoding. But, in Enrichme Manila, it makes a robotic module, an easy one for future young tech wizards. It is one of the programs that they offer for childrens whose fascinated with robots and who has big interests in computers, science & programming.

Sharabethrey Caballero Enrichme Tutorial Center, Co-Owner (Right) & Jabez Emmanuel Borja, Full-Stack Software Developer Technology Enthusiast and a Tech Speaker (Left)

Enrichme Tutorial Center strived to nurture young minds and inspire their creativity in ways that foster a holistic learning experience.

Their ultimate goal is to help kids of all ages to reach their full potential by taking them on a journey of self discovery.

Jr. Robotics Workshop at Enrichme Tutorial Center – Manila with Mr. Jabez Emmanuel Borja, Full Stack Software Developer, Tech. Enthusiasts and Tech speaker, Staff of Enrichme Tutorial Center-Manila, talks about basic programming in the field of Robotics, his the speaker of Jr. Robotic Workshop.

I grew up playing with robots with my brother, screwing those parts and following each instructions on creating a robot is an easy play for me. That is why, I’m so fascinated with this workshop. As an Adult, I was able enjoy it, what more if your kids were able to undergo this robotic program, they will surely love it especially, those who loves discovering new things and reinventing themselves. I highly, recommend this. You can never tell, your little one can be a future programmer, engineer or architect, someday. It can open doors for future discoveries and great possibilities.

Yes, I’ve experienced how to build parts of a Smart Robot Arm Car with my fellow bloggers, it’s so amazing, following steps by steps instructed by EnrichMe Tutorial Teacher, Sir Jabez, it was successful,we were able to move the robotic car.

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Enrich your child’s potential and enroll at Enrichme Tutorial Center-Manila, avail their services.

Prepare for an unforgettable learning journey that’s both fun and educational for your kids! The center caters to a diverse age group ~ Whether your child is a tiny explorer at 11 months or a budding young adult of 15 years, EnrichMe is here to ignite their educational journey with a touch of brilliance.

👶Toddlers camp – 1-3 yrs. old
🤼‍♀️ Little Explorer – 3-5 yrs. old
🤼‍♀️ Developmental class – for children with special needs (autism, AD/HD, etc.)
🤼‍♀️ Enrichment program – 5-15 yrs. old (Singapore Math, regular Math, English, Science and Filipino)
👩‍🏫 Occupational therapy
🤖 Jr. Robotics & Roblox Game design

Limit your child’s screen time. Avail Free trial Workshop at Enrichme Tutorial Center – Manila and experience a new and fun way of learning. Message their FB Page.

Location:172 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Brgy. Bagumbayan Quezon City
Mobile No. : 09075998637

Visit their FB Page: to know about their services, if your looking for your toddlers play activities and Occupational therapy, they offered those kind of services.

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